About Us

AB Construction and Remodeling Inc was started in 2005,
 with the intent to bring a fresh and unique look at the art of remodeling and
tenant Improvements. Strict attention to detail and absolute honesty in all things is our
trademark. Being up front about all costs with the customers is, as far as i am concerned, the
only way to conduct business.
   In the long run this may hurt us, we bid a lot of jobs we do not get, but  the end result justifies this way of    doing business, once we get a customer they stay with us for life, regardless of what needs doing, we flat refuse to start with a "low ball" price just to get our foot in the door, then come up with an excuse
 to raise the price. What i say it will cost is what it costs, unless you change the scope of the project, or we find something that was not in the original scope. W will then promptly bring it to your attention, then you decide what you want done.
  Multiple licensing allows up to take care of problems that come up immediately, without having to call in an outside expert.
    Currently we are a Licensed BUILDING contractor, a licensed ELECTRICAL contractor, and a licensed PLUMBING contractor. We are also a LEAD SAFE CERTIFIED construction firm. We are also OSHA 10/30 certified for safety. 


   Member AGC

   Member Building Trades Association

     EPA certified lead safe